Co-designing a Community Carbon Project

What constitutes a 'good natured based climate offset project?' In this session (broadcast during COP26) notable panellists (including Plan Vivo's CEO Keith Bohannon) discuss co-designing a carbon offset model to finance tree planting in Honduras. Read more

Dispelling the Myths of Community Forestry Projects: An 'Eyes Wide Open Approach'

Watch Plan Vivo's interactive session broadcast during 'GLF Climate: Frontiers of Change'. The COP26 aligned event focused on forests, food and finance, drawing an international audience. Read more

WEBINAR - Nature-Based Solutions: The Opportunities and Challenges for Blue Carbon

There is huge potential from Blue Carbon, as a Nature-Based Solution, due to its effectiveness at storing carbon - up to five times more than terrestrial forests per hectare. Watch our webinar, focusing upon the opportunities and challenges for blue carbon projects. Read more