Plan Vivo has ambitious plans to 'scale up' over the coming years. But how can we do this with care, and without loosing our ethos and values? How can 'scaling up' whilst continuing to ensure communities and smallholders remain at the centre of project design and implementation?  

This panel discussion brought together different representatives from various parts of the carbon credit supply chain (project participant, project developer, certifier, reseller, buyer) to explore these questions. The discussion formed part of Plan Vivo's 25th anniversary event which took place in Edinburgh, Scotland. The event brought together around 90 Plan Vivo stakeholders to celebrate Plan Vivo's achievements and aims for the future. 







Emily Fripp, Founding Director of EFECA and long-standing Plan Vivo trustee. 

Emily has been on Plan Vivo's board of trustees for 8 years. She has worked for more than 25 years in the field of natural resource economics and is the founding director of EFECA






Marc Baker, CEO, Carbon Tanzania 

Marc is the CEO of Carbon Tanzania, the project developer of the award winning Yaeda-Eyasi Landscape project, a Plan Vivo certified REDD project located in Tanzania. The project works with 12 community villages, more than 61,000 people, and covers an area larger than 110,000ha. Maintaining a connection with the landscapes in which Carbon Tanzania works is critical to Marc.




Kahlil Baker, CEO, Taking Root

Kahlil is the co-founder and Executive Director of Taking Root. He leads the organization to accelerate the restoration of the world’s forests. He has spent over 15 years dedicated to tropical reforestation with smallholder farmers, and has served as an advisor for leading forest carbon standards including Plan Vivo. 




Mwanarusi Mwafrica, Project Coordinator, Vanga Blue Forest

Mwanarusi is the project coordinator for Vanga Blue Forest, a Plan Vivo certified project located in southern Kenya. Mwanarusi's work involves leading the communities of Vanga, Jimbo and Kiwegu in the protection and restoration of local mangrove systems. Vanga is the sister project to the award winning and pioneering Mikoko Pamoja. Mwanarusi recently won the Neville Shulman award (with Earthwatch Europe).





Tim Whitley, Founder & CEO, COTAP 

COTAP (Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty) is a longstanding partner of Plan Vivo and works exclusively with Plan Vivo certified projects. Tim launched COTAP because he believes that the market-based tool of carbon credits holds the potential for changing the lives of millions of smallholder farmers.




Molly Hawes, Senior Climate Action and Engagement Manager, Springer Nature Group

Molly is the Senior Climate Action and Engagement Manager for the Springer Nature Group. Her work includes developing science-based targets and a net zero roadmap for Springer Nature.  Through our partner C Level, Springer Nature have acquired Plan Vivo Certificates (PVCs) from the Plan Vivo certified Communitree and Khasi Hills projects. 



Keith Bohannon, CEO, Plan Vivo Foundation 
Keith has over 20 years’ experience in management roles across the Private Sector, Third Sector and in International Development. He specialises in Rural Community Development and worked for over ten years on sustainable livelihood projects across southern Africa. Keith has big ambition for Plan Vivo and it's network of projects - both operational and pipeline. He believes the Plan Vivo model has the potential to be scaled, whilst remaining community and smallholder centric.