This webinar was held in December 2023, to announce the launch of the Plan Vivo Biodiversity Standard (PV Nature).

PV Nature is aimed at generating high integrity biodiversity certificates that deliver robust and credible benefits for nature whilst also ensuring both social and climate benefits. This informative session focuses around the emerging biodiversity market, the opportunities for projects and market actors through mechanisms such as PV Nature, and discussed the key Standard documentation.

PV Nature was officially launched on Monday the 7th of December. All relevant Standard documentation is now available for review and prospective projects are able to register their interest and submit an eligibility form. 


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Webinar speakers

Dr Toral Shah, Plan Vivo


Keith Bohannon, Plan Vivo


 Joanna Elliott, Fauna & Flora


 Nicola Rodewald, goodcarbon

Any questions or queries can be emailed to [email protected]

 For more information on PV Nature, please see the About PV Nature page: