Acorn (Agroforestry CRUs for the Organic Restoration of Nature) is Rabobank initiative. Its aim is to increase the accessibility of the international voluntary carbon market for smallholder farmers in the developing world. By utilising their unique position and strong connections in the food and agri-sector, Rabobank are encouraging smallholder farmers to transform their agricultural practices into more sustainable ones.                                                                                    

The Acorn approach 



What are Carbon Removal Units (CRUs)? 

Acorn's carbon removal units (CRUs) represent actual carbon stored in planted trees. Only after trees have converted carbon into biomass is an Acorn CRU sold. This is measured on a smallholder farmer's land with the help of remote sensing technology i.e. satellite imagery. Buyers can be assured that Acorn CRUs represent actual carbon that is no longer in the atmosphere with Acorn’s platform also making CRUs fully traceable. 

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The Plan Vivo - Acorn partnership

Plan Vivo officially certified the Acorn framework and methodology in 2021. We are the formal certification authority and continue to work closely with with the Acorn team, using our wealth of experience (gained over 20+ years) to ensure Acorn's CRUs are of the highest standard and credibility. 

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Acorn Framework & Methodology



Acorn projects

Acorn has an expanding network of projects worldwide. The Acorn team work closely with local partner organisations to establish agroforestry projects that have a positive impact for the smallholder farmers involved and the local communities as well as our shared environment. 

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Insetting can be used to decarbonise supply chains. Insetting differs from offsetting as it involves reducing or sequestering emissions within a supply chain, rather than externally. With the Acorn program, smallholder farmers are matched with companies and organisations whose value chain they are part of. For example, CRUs can be offered to the likes of roasters, traders and producers from the very farms from which the coffee in that supply chain was grown. 

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Queries or questions?

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