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WEBINAR - Nature-Based Solutions: The Opportunities and Challenges for Blue Carbon

There is huge potential from Blue Carbon, as a Nature-Based Solution, due to its effectiveness at storing carbon, up to five times more than terrestrial forests per hectare. However, there are also social, political, and economic challenges for Blue Carbon projects. When these challenges are addressed well, it can lead to the creation of sustainable livelihoods. Plus, to the preservation of important coastal habitats, alongside the carbon benefits.


Author: Carmen Carrion


Insights from the field

  • Nature, climate and communities: Towards sustainable impact in the year of ambition

    Dhanush Dinesh, Head of Partnerships and Outreach at CCAFS and member of Plan Vivo’s Board of Trustees, reflects on how he engaged with the Plan Vivo Foundation in the past five years. Read more

  • Taking Root: Ten Years as a Plan Vivo Project

    CommuniTree, a project developed and managed by our long-standing partner Taking Root and certified by Plan Vivo, celebrated multiple milestones. It marked the year that we planted our 10,000,000th tree and issued our 1,000,000th carbon credit with Plan Vivo. Plus, it registered over 2,000 hectares of underused land were reforested in 2020, more than double the amount reforested the year prior. Read more

  • Navigating a path for farmer / community-led projects within a buoyant landscape of climate action

    What could the renewed focus on nature-based activities and credits mean for farmers and communities at the heart of the climate crisis? Chris Stephenson explores how the efforts required to tackle climate change and increase food production can only be achieved by engaging and directly involving these same farmer communities. Read more