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  • Plan Vivo partners with Pivotal to create high integrity biodiversity certificates

    Plan Vivo announces partnership with the data organisation Pivotal, with the aim of bringing high integrity biodiversity certificates to the market. Read more

  • Our Statement on Blue Carbon

    We are working on two exciting blue carbon initiatives; a hub for knowledge sharing and the creation of a new blue carbon methodology. Both are aimed at addressing the barriers facing blue carbon project development. Read more

  • Plan Vivo visits the Pacific

    The Plan Vivo Foundation recently returned from an extensive tour of the Pacific, visiting projects, partners and conducting government and community meetings in New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Australia. Read more

Insights from the field

  • Khasi Hills: reclaiming cultural heritage through community REDD+

    Hariprasad Radhakrishnan, a former Intern at Plan Vivo, explores the role of the Khasi Hills community REDD+ project in reviving the community’s ancient practices, cultural heritage and harmony with nature. Read more

  • Ten years of Mikoko Pamoja

    2022 marked the 10th anniversary of Mikoko Pamoja, the first community-led mangrove conservation project funded through carbon credits. Robyn Shilland, Director at ACES, reflects on a decade of pioneering work and lessons learnt. Read more

  • Rethinking Mangrove Restoration: Planting or Natural Recovery?

    When it comes to mangrove restoration, should projects opt to replant or allow natural recovery? Hamish McGill reflects on his recent research, exploring the role of ecological mangrove restoration within Kenyan contexts. Read more