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Standard Update Public Consultation

The latest version of the Plan Vivo Standard builds on ongoing experiences, enhances clarity to the market, and helps create a more-scalable Standard. Whilst awaiting the outcome of the public consultation process (now closed), you can access all draft documents here.


Author: Luke Howard

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Insights from the field

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    Sil Lanckriet and Miro Jacob from the EthioTrees team sit down to tell Plan Vivo how carbon credits can provide a vital source of income in a conflict zone. Read more

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    Rabobank's Eline Kajim discusses the Plan Vivo certified Acorn initiative. Acorn aims to accelerate the implementation of small-scale agroforestry projects, reaching millions of smallholder farmers across the globe. Read more

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    After our latest webinar, the panellists came together to answer some of the most important questions surrounding blue carbon in the voluntary carbon market. Read more