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WEBINAR - Public Consultation Launch: Plan Vivo Standard Update

Plan Vivo are thrilled to announce the launch of our public consultation process for the 2021 Standard Update. To mark the launch, we will be holding a webinar, presenting the key features of the proposed update, and focusing upon specific areas that have been updated from the current version. Speakers include Plan Vivo's CEO Keith Bohannon, our programme manager Eva Schoof, and Nick Berry - chair of the Plan Vivo technical advisory committee. Find out more and register for the webinar here.


Author: Diana Wrangham

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WEBINAR - Nature-Based Solutions: The Opportunities and Challenges for Blue Carbon

There is huge potential from Blue Carbon, as a Nature-Based Solution, due to its effectiveness at storing carbon, up to five times more than terrestrial forests per hectare. However, there are also social, political, and economic challenges for Blue Carbon projects. When these challenges are addressed well, it can lead to the creation of sustainable livelihoods. Plus, to the preservation of important coastal habitats, alongside the carbon benefits.


Author: Carmen Carrion


Insights from the field

  • Answering important questions on Blue Carbon

    After our latest webinar, the panellists came together to answer some of the most important questions surrounding blue carbon in the voluntary carbon market. Read more

  • Corresponding Adjustments, Equity and Climate Justice

    Integrity and practicality. Will accounting technicalities of voluntary carbon claims get in the way of deploying carbon finance in voluntary carbon markets that support developing countries and communities battle poverty and invest in clean energy and transport, sustainable land use, and healthy ecosystems? Read more

  • Mangroves – More than just carbon

    Blue carbon has been getting a lot of attention recently, and rightly so. However, when much of the focus is on their physical and chemical properties, it is easy to overlook the other myriad of benefits that these ecosystems provide. Here, Evie explains why she it is not just their climate change mitigating abilities drew her to these unique ecosystems. Read more