Here you can view the projects that are in the process of becoming Plan Vivo Certified. All have started their registration process and vary in their level of progress towards certification. Some may be experiencing delays due to unforseen circumstances, but all have potential to become Plan Vivo-Certified projects and we will support them in doing so.

Name Location
Coordinating organisation
Keystone Legacy PIN approved July 2020 Project Idea Note (PIN)
Mamley Kamrang – Community-led REDD+ Project (MK– CRP)
Mamley Watershed of Sikkim IUCN PIN approved July 2020 Project Idea Note (PIN)
Hieu Commune Vietnam
Fauna & Flora International PIN approved June 2019 Project Idea Note (PIN)
Village Forest Protection and Restoration in Lalan Mendis Forest Management Unit South Sumatra, Indonesia HaKI PIN approved April 2018 Project Idea Note (PIN)
A Carbon Fund to Reduce Deforestation & Improve Living Conditions of population in the Sangha Tri-National Forest Complex (TNS) Cameroon FTNS PIN approved August 2017 Project Idea Note (PIN)
The Gula Gula Food Forest Program of West Sumatra West Sumatra, Indonesia CO2Operate PIN approved June 2017 Project Idea Note (PIN)
Sustainable & Thriving Environments for West African Regional Development (STEWARD) Community Forest Network Sierra Leone & Guinea Bioclimate Research & Development West Africa (now TLLG) PDD approved June 2016 Project Idea Note (PIN)
REDD+ Mangrove Pilot Project Colombia CVS/INVEMAR PIN approved
May 2016
Project Idea Note (PIN)
Community CAF Cassou (3C) Burkina Faso CAF Cassou/BIODEV PIN approved
February 2016
Project Idea Note (PIN)

Community-based Agroforestry for Upper Watershed Rehabilitation


Fauna Flora International

PDD approved February 2016

Project Design Document (PDD)
CFA Mtakimau Mangrove Forests Protection in Kilifi County


Kwentu Training Centre for Sustainable Development PIN approved
May 2015
Project Idea Note (PIN)
Wild Coffee Conversation by PFM Ethiopia EWNRA, University of Huddersfield PIN approved
April 2015
Project Idea Note (PIN)
Peat Forest Ecosystem Rehabilitation and Prevention in Village Forest Work Area in four villages of Kahayan Hilir Sub-District, Pulang Pisau District, Central Kalimantan Province Indonesia ICCO, KpSHK PIN approved 2015 Project Idea Note (PIN)
Community Forestry Mgmt Project in Jangkat Highland Central Sumatra, Indonesia SSS PUNDI PIN approved
October 2014
Project Idea Note (PIN)
Community Forestry Mgmt Project in Bulukumba Regency
Sulawesi, Indonesia Sulawesi Community Foundation (SCF) PIN approved
October 2014
Project Idea Note (PIN)

Hutan Desa Laman Satong, West Kalimantan

Lombok, Indonesia Fauna & Flora International PIN approved
February 2014
Project Design Document (PDD)
South Choiseul Forest Carbon Project (AKA Babatana Project)
Solomon Islands Live & Learn Environmental Education
PIN approved
April 2013
Project Idea Note (PIN)