Webinar: Official launch of PV Nature

At the end of 2023, Plan Vivo officially launched the Plan Vivo Biodiversity Standard, which is to be officially known as PV Nature. Watch the webinar recording here. Read more

Exploring Biodiversity Credits: Financing Nature

A webinar aimed at corporate leaders and market actors interested in the biodiversity markets. Hosted in collaboration with goodcarbon, Blue Marine foundation and Fauna & Flora. Watch the webinar recording here. Read more

Webinar: PV Nature Public Consultation

Plan Vivo are currently working on a pioneering Biodiversity Standard (PV Nature). To launch the public consultation, a webinar was held to introduce the key features of the PV Nature and provide access to the draft documentation and methodology. Read more

Panel Discussion: Plan Vivo's Regional Presence

How can we strengthen Plan Vivo's regional presence? This panel discussion, which took part live as part of Plan Vivo's 25th anniversary event, brought together key project representatives to discuss the opportunities for Plan Vivo in each region. Read more

Co-designing a Community Carbon Project

What constitutes a 'good natured based climate offset project?' In this session (broadcast during COP26) notable panellists (including Plan Vivo's CEO Keith Bohannon) discuss co-designing a carbon offset model to finance tree planting in Honduras. Read more

Dispelling the Myths of Community Forestry Projects: An 'Eyes Wide Open Approach'

Watch Plan Vivo's interactive session broadcast during 'GLF Climate: Frontiers of Change'. The COP26 aligned event focused on forests, food and finance, drawing an international audience. Read more

WEBINAR - Nature-Based Solutions: The Opportunities and Challenges for Blue Carbon

There is huge potential from Blue Carbon, as a Nature-Based Solution, due to its effectiveness at storing carbon - up to five times more than terrestrial forests per hectare. Watch our webinar, focusing upon the opportunities and challenges for blue carbon projects. Read more