Here, you can find all the documentation associated with the Plan Vivo Carbon Standard (PV Climate) V4.0, its governance, associated approved approaches, and guidance on applying these documents.

PV Climate was updated in 2022. You can view all the latest documentation associated with PV Climate V5.0 here: 

PV Climate V5.0 Documentation >


It is useful to note that although projects can no longer certify under V4.0, projects are still operating under V4.0 of PV Climate. 


Standard and governance

Type Documents
Plan Vivo Carbon Standard V4.0
Governance V4.0
Guidance V4.0


Approved Approaches

For information on Approved Approaches, including what they are and when they can be applied, please see the Approved Approaches page.

Type Documents
Additionality assessment
Assessing risk and quantifying non-permanence buffer allocation
Estimation of emissions and removals (baseline scenario)
Estimation of emissions and removals (baseline scenario & project intervention)
Estimation of emissions and removals (Baseline scenario, Project intervention & Leakage)



Type Documents
V4.0 Project documentation


Non-Permanence Buffer

Beneath V4.0 of PV Climate, each project is required to contribute a percentage of their climate benefit to the Plan Vivo Non-Permanence Buffer, which remains unsold and guarantees the integrity of Plan Vivo projects in the face of risks to permanence or potential reversals of emission reductions. Find out more about the non-permanence buffer here: 

Non-Permanence Buffer >