Considering a partnership?

Please see the table below regarding advise for different prospective partners. If your partnership type is not covered by the table, and you would like to get in touch, please do so by contacting the Plan Vivo Secretariat.

Partnership type desired
What to do
Registering/certifying a project with Plan Vivo Please see information on registering a project
Purchasing Plan Vivo Certificates (PVCs) for a client or own benefit Please see information provided on purchasing carbon credits and acquiring a Markit account. For further information, please contact the Plan Vivo Secretariat
Partnering with a specific project, whether for research, funding opportunities or purchasing of PVCs Please contact the project coordinator directly. If the project is already registered, you can find the coordinator details on the project's page (you can consult our full list of registered projects if unsure as to its location). If the project is not yet registered but in the pipeline, you can find the coordinator information in the relevant Project Idea Note (PIN) within the Plan Vivo pipeline. If necessary, please contact the Plan Vivo Secretariat for assistance.
Research or offering technological solutions

Overarching themes that Plan Vivo encourages research within include:

  • Supporting community-based natural resource management projects in developing and implementing participatory land-use plans and equitable benefit-sharing.
  • Technological solutions to monitoring, climate benefit estimation and/or auditing.
  • Securing land tenure rights for rural communities.
  • Protecting native forest and reducing deforestation, conserving habitat for fauna and flora, strengthening the climate services and the resilience of local ecosystems.
  • Channelling finance to vulnerable communities threatened by climate change, diversifying incomes and contributing to poverty alleviation.

If interested, please contact the Plan Vivo Secretariat directly

Potential for funding opportunities with the Plan Vivo Foundation Please contact the Plan Vivo Secretariat directly



Previous and current partnerships

Since the inception of the Plan Vivo concept in 1994, Plan Vivo has grown with the help of external partners. These partnerships have been with a variety of sector actors including, but not limited to, CGIAR, Fauna and Flora International (FFI), the Darwin Initiative, Ecometrica, the Clinton Foundation, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Leicester, the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), the Waterloo Foundation, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, The Landscapes and Livelihoods Group (TLLG), Ecosystems to Support Poverty Alleviation (ESPA), the International Platform for Insetting (IPI), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), AMBIO, Taking Root, and ECOTRUST.

Some partnership projects of particular note include:

Partner Project
Ecometrica Forests2020 Scoping the feasibility of a transparency platform/ recognition tool for smallholder tree planting and restoration activities. See page 7 of the 2019 Stakeholder Meeting report for further information.
University of Edinburgh, TLLG (formerly BioClimate), CCAFS, ESPA and IFAD The Small-Holder Agriculture Monitoring and Baseline Assessment (SHAMBA) tool A project to create a system that could help quantify soil carbon benefits from smallholder crop systems (woody or non woody, perennial or annual) without the need for invasive soil measurements to be taken. For more information, please visit the SHAMBA tool website
IIED Several projects
Plan Vivo and IIED have collaborated on several research projects including co-benefits and ‘Guidelines and lessons from smallholder and community carbon projects’.
The Waterloo Founudation Building pro-poor, community-based forest conservation tools Resulted in the publications of various policy briefs, institutional development and stakeholder engagement around the creation of community-based conservation tools.
The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Plan Vivo Insetting Research Project Advance research into insetting, with an event to publicise results and findings. Plan Vivo has partnered with PurProject to further research into this subject by launching the International Platform on Insetting (IPI). For more information, please watch the insetting gathers momentum video