We are updating our Carbon Standard (PV Climate) in preparation to submit our application to the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (ICVCM) for recognition under its Core Carbon Principles.

Being able to sell CCP-compliant PVCs will improve market access for projects. ICVCM and CCP approval of PV Climate is one step towards achieving this. The second step is through the submission of Categories (i.e. methodologies), which we will do alongside our Programme submission. 

With the help of the Technical Advisory Committee, we have made updates to align PV Climate with the Core Carbon Principles. The updates represent relatively minor changes to the Standard. Full details of the updates can be found in Annex 1 of each document. 

As part of the update process, these documents are undergoing a 4-week public consultation from the 4th July 2024 – 1st August 2024.

During this time, any stakeholder may submit comments on the appropriateness of the proposed updates. Please submit any comments by 23:59 (UTC+1) on the 1st August 2024 to [email protected] 

The documents out for public consultation can be found below: 

Document Description Public consultation closing date
Project requirements (draft) Draft document out for public consultation. Criteria that projects must demonstrate compliance with. 1st August 2024
Methodology requirements (draft) Draft document out for public consultation. Minimum requirements that any methodology must meet to be approved for use by projects that are certified beneath PV Climate.  1st August 2024
Procedures Manual (draft) Draft document out for public consultation. Provides procedures regarding the certification process of PV Climate projects.  1st August 2024
Glossary (draft)

Draft document out for public consultation. A glossary for all key terms used across the PV Climate documents.

1st August 2024


PV Climate Documentation