Plan Vivo is thrilled to announce that in October we will be piloting a pioneering 'Accelerator' programme, which will be delivered in partnership with Terranomics.

The Accelerator aims to address the barriers to Plan Vivo certification and increase the number of high-quality, community-led carbon projects accessing the Voluntary Carbon Market. 

Plan Vivo are thrilled to announce that in October we will be launching a pilot Accelerator programme for PV Climate projects. 

Demand for high quality nature based credits has increased in recent years, with initiatives such as the ICVCM, VCMI and NCSA driving this demand forward. Yet developers often struggle to bring community-led, high quality projects to market. This is due to high development costs, the complexity of effective stakeholder engagement and the level of technical carbon expertise required. 

The Accelerator aims to alleviate these issues by providing training, technical support, mentorship, and links to investment for projects involved in the programme. This will help increase the number of community-led, high integrity carbon projects accessing the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).

We are delighted to partner with Terranomics, a consultancy specialising in nature-based solutions, to deliver the Accelerator. The 6 month training curriculum will cover essential topics such as financial planning, carbon calculations, stakeholder engagement, and negotiating sales. Project developers will also access one-to-one technical support from industry experts.

''We are excited to partner with Plan Vivo to strengthen the skills and knowledge of project leaders, enabling them to effectively navigate the complexities of nature-based projects and maximise their impact" said Jim Stephenson, Director at Terranomics.

The pilot cohort of the Accelerator, commencing in October this year, will include eight projects from Africa and Asia. These projects represent a diverse range of initiatives focused on ecosystem restoration, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable livelihoods development, and are all in alignment with the principles of Plan Vivo’s Carbon Standard (PV Climate V5). 

Funders of the Accelerator, the Trafigura Foundation, are known for their support of initiatives that address pressing global challenges and contribute to positive change in communities. 

“The Trafigura Foundation is happy to support Plan Vivo to develop their pilot Accelerator programme’’ said Nina Saalismaa, Senior Programme Manager. ‘’Having worked closely with Plan Vivo in the past, we believe in their ability to channel finance to the communities who need it most to adapt to, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.”

The Accelerator will offer one-to-one technical support and mentoring to each project, an onsite event to connect participants, and introductions to potential sources of finance. Successful projects will also receive an additional grant of up to US$20,000 towards third party validation. The programme’s personalised assistance aims to address key barriers to Plan Vivo certification and facilitate access to finance, particularly through carbon markets.

"Our ultimate goal is to catalyse the growth of nature-based projects and unlock their potential to generate positive environmental, social, and economic outcomes," emphasised Keith Bohannon, CEO at Plan Vivo. "By providing targeted support and guidance, we aim to empower these projects to thrive and contribute to a more sustainable future."


Interested in being part of our pilot cohort? Email us: [email protected]

For more information about the Plan Vivo Accelerator, please visit our dedicated Accelerator page:

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About Terranomics: 

Terranomics is a leading organisation specialising in providing solutions for nature-based projects. With a focus on training, technical assistance, and capacity building, Terranomics empowers project leaders and communities to implement effective and sustainable nature-based solutions.


About the Trafigura Foundation: 

The Trafigura Foundation invests in impactful and long-term solutions, with a focus on climate adaptation. The Foundation is a funding partner to carefully selected non-profit organisations that are addressing critical development challenges in order to benefit vulnerable communities and nature.


Banner image: A project participant of the Gula Gula Food Forest Programme, a PV Climate certified project located in West Sumatra. Credit: Gula Gula / CO2OPERATE.