We believe that transparency is key to a successful Standard and successful projects. Here, you can access all of a project's documentation, from PDDs to annual reports and much more.


Type Documents

Project Design Document (PDD)
What is this?

Technical Specifications
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Technical specifications integrated into PDD

Annual Reports
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Audit Reports
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Registration Certificate
Additional Documents



Explanation of document types

Type What is this?

Project Design Document (PDD)

Describes the project context, including the:

  • Environmental and social contexts
  • Participating community and their involvement in project design and governance
  • Wider governance structure
  • Interventions
  • Expected benefits

Technical Specifications

Describes the technical matters of the project, including the:

  • Carbon/climate-benefit models
  • Monitoring plan
  • Risk assessment

NB. Technical specifications registered under an older version of Plan Vivo Standard, and that are no longer applied, may not include all of the points listed above.

Annual Reports

Provides an update on the project covering the previous monitoring year, including the following information:

  • Successes and challenges
  • Project expansion and recruitment
  • An issuance request (if applicable)
  • Monitoring data
  • Plan Vivo Certificate sales data
  • Operating costs
Audit Reports

Plan Vivo projects are audited by third-party validators/verifiers to ensure that they are of the highest quality. There are two types of audits:

  • Validation – Takes place before project registration to ensure that the project conforms to the Plan Vivo Standard and has been created from the bottom-up with community participation.
  • Verification – Takes place every 5 years after registration to ensure that the Plan Vivo Certificates issued are a fair representation of the climate benefits achieved, and that the project continues to conform to the Plan Vivo Standard.


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