Congratulations to both the Tahiry Honko and Vanga Blue Forest projects for recently becoming Plan Vivo-certified. We look forward to the good work that both projects will be completing to support coastal communities and protect marine environments.



Tahiry Honko – Madagascar

Tahiry Honko is the first carbon sequestration project in Madagascar, supporting a community and a mangrove ecosystem across over 1,200ha of community-owned land in the Bay of Assassins. The project promotes locally-led conservation, reforestation and sustainable use of mangroves, alongside initiatives for building alternative livelihoods, including sea cucumber and seaweed farming and mangrove beekeeping.



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Vanga Blue Forest – Kenya

Vanga Blue Forest is a community-led mangrove conservation and restoration project based in southern Kenya. It was developed when the community of Vanga, Jimbo and Kiwegu villages saw the benefits that its sister project, Mikoko Pamoja, has brought to local people and the environment. Its aim is to provide long-term incentives for mangrove protection and restoration through community involvement and benefit.


     Vanga Blue Forest and ACES are grateful to Rob Barnes of GRID-Arendal for the images of the project site.


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