We are thrilled to welcome three new Project Officers to the Plan Vivo team. With this additional capacity, we hope to improve the efficiency of the Plan Vivo certification process and provide more support for prospective and existing projects. 

You can find out more about each of our new Project Officers below, as well as what they hope to achieve from the role. 


Hamish McGill  

Hamish recently graduated with a BSc in Animal and Conservation Biology from Edinburgh Napier University. For his BSc thesis he collaborated with the Plan Vivo certified Vanga Blue Forest project, conducting research into the ecological restoration of a degraded mangrove site in Kenya. 

Before joining Plan Vivo in October 2022Hamish interned for several months as a Junior Projects Officerwhere he focused primarily on developing content for the Blue Carbon Hub. He also wrote one of our featured blog posts 'Rethinking Mangrove Restoration: Planting or Natural Recovery?'

Why are you excited to join the Plan Vivo team? 

This decade is critical for tackling the climate and biodiversity crises. Having witnessed first-hand how a Plan Vivo project has empowered communities in Kenya to take climate action and provide sustainable development benefits in the process, I was inspired by the Plan Vivo model. I’m thrilled to be joining the team at Plan Vivo and be a part of delivering these real and lasting impacts for nature, climate, and communities - particularly at such an exciting time as we scale our impact over the coming years

What will you be focusing on at Plan Vivo? Are there any areas you're particularly interested in? 

As a Projects Officer, I’ll be guiding new projects through the Plan Vivo certification process and providing ongoing support to existing projects. With the potential for blue carbon as a nature-based solution continuing to grow, I would like to engage with blue carbon projects and support the development of the Blue Carbon Hub. I would also be keen to get involved in the more technical aspects of the role, such as supporting peer reviews of technical specifications and the development of new methodologies, tools, and modules.  

Read Hamish’s dissertation: 'Understanding the Determinants of Natural Mangrove Regeneration in a Degraded Site in Kenya'


Aishwarya Katakam 

Aish holds an MSc in Global Environment, Politics and Society from the University of Edinburgh, where she focused on understanding the environmental actors and the social impacts of their action. For her dissertation, she worked with an environmental consultancy to analyse corporate decarbonisation action since the Paris Agreement, focusing on carbon pledges. Aishwarya also holds a bachelors in Economics and one in Management, and an MBA from India where she focused on a varied scope of understanding corporate strategy and the political economy. She has also worked with different corporates and NGOs in the environmental, fashion and healthcare sectors.

Why are you excited to join the Plan Vivo team?

I’ve always been an analytical person, who understands that environmental externalities can be fixed, realistically, by working from within the existing market. I am also motivated to prioritise working for community and people-focused projects. I am therefore thrilled that Plan Vivo works in this space that I am so passionate about.

What will you be focusing on at Plan Vivo? Are there any areas you're particularly interested in? 

I am joining as a Projects Officer and look forward to capitalising on my educational background, focusing on projects that integrate local communities into the global supply chain and diversify their income streams. As my dissertation included some work on the carbon markets, I am also keen to get involved and learn more in how Plan Vivo interacts with them. 

Access the key findings of Aish’s dissertation: ‘Corporate Climate Pledges - The Neutrality Myth

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Harry Tittensor

In 2021, Harry returned to the UK after a decade away in Colombia. He holds an MSc in Environmental Protection and Management from Edinburgh University and a MA in Global Diplomacy from SOAS University. Prior to Plan Vivo, Harry worked with the British Council Bogota and several Colombian Universities. His passion for conservation was stoked through extensive periods in Colombian regions bordering the Amazon, including Caqueta, Guaviare and Putumayo. He speaks both English and Spanish. Outside of work he regularly bike packs and explores the Scottish countryside.

Why are you excited to join the Plan Vivo team?

Having been based in Colombia for the past decade I have seen first-hand the impact of unbridled development on pristine ecosystems. As a result Colombia has limited economic opportunities and a lack of inclusivity. Globally we are asking many countries like Colombia to refrain from the same development that has taken place and led to economic prosperity elsewhere. It is therefore pertinent that conservation and restoration actions create opportunities for improved livelihoods in these affected areas.

What will you be focusing on at Plan Vivo? Are there any areas you're particularly interested in?

I look forward to being involved in the foundation's evolution in the biodiversity uplift space - as it becomes an increasingly influential hub for solutions to globally declining biodiversity. 

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