Brief Description

We acknowledge that climate change and a great unravelling is happening and our response needs to be both immediately practical and transformational. We need to change our collective story so that everything we do works for life not against it. The times call for this big turning through radical collaboration…

C LEVEL provides businesses with rapid and affordable tools and consulting to calculate your CARBON FOOTPRINT. We then connect you to Plan Vivo projects, the power of nature and communities to drawn down carbon and achieve BALANCE. We only work with the world's best natural offset projects. We only work with Plan Vivo projects. Certifying our clients as Carbon Balanced is the start of their journey and the beginning of deeper transformation.






Projects they often have credits for

Bujang Raba
Khasi Hills
Pastures, Conservation, Climate Action
Mikoko Pamoja
Yaeda-Eyasi Landscape REDD Project
Trees for Global Benefits


C Level can source credits from all Plan Vivo certified projects.


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