Estimation of uncertainty of carbon benefit estimates in Plan Vivo projects V1.1



Status Active
Latest version V1.1 (21st May 2024)
Developer TLLG & Plan Vivo TAC
First reviewer Technical Review Panel (TRP)
Second reviewer Earthood Service Private Ltd
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This module is part of the Plan Vivo Agriculture and Forestry Project Carbon Benefit Assessment Methodologies (PM001). It can be used to estimate the uncertainty adjustment for carbon benefits achieved.


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V1.0 (8th November 2023) 26th June 2024 N/A Download
V1.1 (21st May 2024) N/A
  • Equations 2, 3, and 4 updated.
  • Some parameters adjusted to change functionality and/or add clarity, but their purpose remains similar.
  • Parameter CB_p,t1; CB_p,t2 removed.
  • Parameter U_x,p added.