Estimation of baseline and project GHG emissions from carbon pools in Plan Vivo projects V1.0



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Latest version V1.0 (8th November 2023)
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This module is part of the Plan Vivo Agriculture and Forestry Project Carbon Benefit Assessment Methodology (PM001). It is applicable to project interventions that result in net-reduction of GHG emissions from carbon pools as a result of forest protection. It can be used to provide values for baseline and project emissions from eligible carbon pools.

Procedures for estimating baseline emissions and expected project emissions for carbon pools use modelling based on projection of historical deforestation in the project area and/or matched control areas and expected effectiveness of project interventions. Procedures for estimating actual project emissions use land cover change assessment combined with emission factors for deforestation and forest degradation.

Procedures for estimation of baseline emissions from allocation of jurisdictional reference emission levels, and/or sample-based approaches are proposed – but are yet to be developed.


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