Smallholder Agriculture Monitoring and Baseline Assessment V1.0



Status On hold
Latest version V1.0 (8th November 2023)
Developer TLLG & Plan Vivo TAC
First reviewer Technical Review Panel (TRP)
Second reviewer Earthood Service Private Ltd
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This tool is for the estimation of carbon benefits from Plan Vivo projects aiming to increase the carbon stocks in soils from agroforestry and conservation agriculture implemented by smallholders. The tool applies the SHAMBA Model (see Annex 1), which applies the Rothamstead Carbon Model (RothC) to quantify the changes in soil organic carbon stocks under different management scenarios. It can be used by projects throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, and in other regions where the RothC model has been shown to make accurate predictions. The tool quantifies changes in carbon stocks in soils under user defined project and baseline scenarios. A combination of process-based and empirical models are used to estimate changes in soil carbon stocks based on inputs from woody biomass and crops.

This tool is currently on hold whilst Plan Vivo responds to information that was submitted since the tool's approval. For more information, please contact [email protected]


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