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The project seeks to implement reforestation through an association between local smallholders and ethical investors.

The ArBolivia project started as a portfolio of small-scale reforestation activities within the Clean Development Mechanism of UNFCCC, but has shifted to voluntary carbon markets.

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Climate Change

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The ArBolivia project is being implemented in the Cochabamba tropics, Santa Cruz (Ichilo Province), Northern La Paz and Western Beni. The project includes around 900 smallholders, belonging to around 165 different community groups. Plan Vivo certificates have so far been issued on behalf of 195 families.

The lack of capital to invest in more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices has traditionally forced many smallholders to employ slash and burn techniques, which continue to threaten the western fringes of the Amazon. With the help of investment capital provided mainly by the UK not-for-profit sector, The Cochabamba Project is reforesting affected areas together with communities, providing households with the prospect of substantial, ongoing, additional revenues.

Carbon credit revenues help to fund additional activities in the short-term aimed at increasing crop yields for families, whilst also saving one of the most unique and precious ecosystems on the planet – the Amazon rainforest. The project enables purchasers of carbon credits to link directly to individual farmers, making it possible to demonstrate its social and environmental impacts.


Cochabamba (Bolivia)

Operational Since:


Project Coordinator:

SICIREC Bolivia Ltd

PVCS Issued to date:


Area of Land under Management:

377.8 ha



Project Interventions:

  • Afforestation

2011: Registration

2018: Verification

2018: Over 50,000 PVCs issued

Coordinator Details:

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September 2019 | The project is excited to announce that funding from its new partnership with Trees For All will allow it to plant 100 ha of new woodlots in 2020. This brings the planned expansion in 2020 to around 270 ha of woodlots, which is equivalent to 268,000 trees!

September 2018 | The Sicirec Bolivia team has had an influx of talent over the past summer as many fresh faces have been appointed into the management team. This includes Aart Van Os as a senior advisor, who will be involved in strategic planning and business management. These new members will help Arbolivia realise its vision. Read more.

October 2018 | The Arbolivia project has celebrated the creation of an 'Adam Retort' charcoal kiln. This will help generate low-carbon energy by converting excess wood into usable charcoal. View slideshow.

April 2018 | During 2017, 123 smallholders completed workshops concerning farm business planning. This ensures that the Arbolivia project is encouraging economically-sustainable farming. Read more.