We are thrilled to announce that Plan Vivo is now ICROA endorsed. Accreditation by ICROA coincides with the release of Plan Vivo’s updated Standard. This fifth version of the Standard responds to emerging best practice in the VCM and aims to enable the scaling of Plan Vivo’s model. The backing of ICROA’s Code of Best Practice signals Plan Vivo's commitment to climate integrity, and will enable our certified projects to access a wider market of responsible buyers. 

The Plan Vivo Standard is an internationally recognised Voluntary Carbon Standard which has been supporting marginalised communities and smallholders across the globe for over 25 years. Stewardship of the Standard allows communities and smallholders to access ethical and equitable carbon finance, by generating high quality carbon credits for buyers. Periodical updates of the Standard aim to incorporate Plan Vivo's experience and progressive knowledge of project development, project marketability, and the changing landscape of the VCM - whilst continuing to ensure holistic benefits for nature, climate, and communities.

Coinciding with the exponential growth of the VCM, Plan Vivo Foundation and its network of projects are increasingly expanding. Issuance of Plan Vivo Certificates (PVCs) have increased by 140% in the last year alone (from 5 million issued PVCs to 7 million PVCs). Consequently, a need to streamline the Plan Vivo approach, scale the Plan Vivo model, and apply technical rigour and best practice has arisen. The fifth version of the Plan Vivo Standard reflects this need. Key procedural changes include revised unit types (aimed at providing more transparency to the delivery of carbon benefits), the adoption of standardised methodologies, and improved safeguarding procedures.


Plan Vivo's approach encapsulates many of the values endorsed within ICROA’s internationally recognised Code of Best Practice – including transparency and integrity. ICROA endorsement will provide Plan Vivo and its updated Standard with additional credibility, whilst also supporting the organisation’s ambition to ‘scale with care’. This strategy aims to scale our impact, whilst ensuring communities and smallholders remain at the centre of project development and financial return.

Our CEO, Keith Bohannon, spoke of his delight at Plan Vivo becoming ICROA endorsed. "This is a key milestone in Plan Vivo’s 'Scaling with Care' strategy. ICROA endorsement recognises our recent developments in the Plan Vivo standard and the increasing demand for 'high quality' carbon credits. Plan Vivo credits are not only in line with best practice in the VCM but also deliver tangible social and biodiversity benefits. We look forward to working collaboratively with ICROA and its members to open new markets for Plan Vivo Certificates (PVCs) and to increase impact for climate, communities and nature."

In being ICROA accredited Plan Vivo have become part of a larger alliance in the VCM that represents and supports projects upholding the highest integrity. ICROA’s Code of Best Practice is utilised by investors to inform and encourage their support of such projects. Consequently, Plan Vivo projects will benefit from access to a wider range of investors, in turn increasing carbon finance accessibility and supporting additional co-benefits.

For more information and access to the Plan Vivo Standard V5.0 please see the Standard overview and documents.