The Plan Vivo Participatory Toolkit is designed to support project developers and participants when planning and implementing participatory approaches, a requirement of Plan Vivo Standards. We encourage project developers and project participants to utilise these tools throughout the Plan Vivo Carbon Standard (PV Climate) certification, monitoring and verification process. 

Low cost, print-friendly versions of each tool (for use in the field) are available for download below. Should you require high resolution printable versions for distribution, please contact the Plan Vivo Secretariat by emailing: [email protected]
Tool # Title Download link
1 Stakeholder Analysis Tool 1
2 Problem Analysis Tool 2
3 Visioning Tool 3
4 Local Institution Mapping Tool 4
5 Well-being Assessment Tool 5
6 Climate Vulnerability Assessment Tool 6
7 Historical Timeline Tool 7
8 Seasonal Calendar Tool 8
9 Participatory Resource Mapping Tool 9
10 Social Mapping Tool 10
11a Assessment and Utilisation of Forest and Tree Products Tool 11a
11b Assessment and Utilisation of Blue Carbon Ecosystem Products and Areas Tool 11b
12 Community Meeting Tool 12
13 Focus Group Discussion Tool 13
14 Semi-structured Interview Tool 14
15 Public Hearing Tool 15
16 Public Audit Tool 16
17 Engaging with Disadvantaged Groups Tool 17


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