Plan Vivo has released a comprehensive report entitled 'Plan Vivo projects and their impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)'This report analysed 21 of the 27 Plan Vivo certified projects. Its findings have revealed that Plan Vivo certified projects contribute to (on average) an astounding 11 SDGs each.  
The report places the spotlight on smallholder, assisted natural regeneration, REDD, and blue carbon projects, identifying key SDGs that specific projects contribute to. The findings show that smallholder projects have a great impact on SDGs associated with purchasing power, poverty alleviation and food security. Community group projects (assisted natural regeneration, REDD, blue carbon projects) also contribute to a wide range of SDGs, including gender equality, health, and clean water and sanitation. 

Though impacted SDGs differ for respective projects, by virtue of complying with the Plan Vivo Standard projects contribute to 6 of the SDGs. We believe this is due to the clear links the Plan Vivo Standard has with SDG targets, and the clear mapping of the Standard onto the SDG framework.  

This research is the first step into better understanding the social impact of Plan Vivo projects. These findings are incredibly encouraging. They clearly demonstrate the ability of the Plan Vivo model to secure additional co-benefits for communities and smallholders. The full report can be accessed below. We encourage the sharing of this report and its findings. 


Access the report


We'd like to thank Caroline Stillman and Douglas Hill who compiled this report, and all the projects and project participants who provided insights and responses.