Plan Vivo are pleased to announce our recently developed partnership with the Trafigura Foundation. With the benefit of the Foundation's funding and expertise, the aim is to improve the efficiency for nascent projects to become Plan Vivo certified and thus access carbon finance. 

The Trafigura Foundation was established in 2007 as an independent philanthropic entity. The Foundation offers support to non-governmental organisations and social enterprises around the world, particularly those working with vulnerable communities to promote fair and sustainable employment and develop solutions to mitigate the impact of supply chains on people and the environment.

Currently there are many barriers facing project developers and communities wishing to access the voluntary carbon market (VCM). We are excited to work together with the Trafigura Foundation and generate solutions to remove these barriers. 

The Foundation will support our endeavours to augment greater validation and verification expertise within project-based countries, to develop standardised monitoring methodologies and tools (that are cost-efficient and in line with the Plan Vivo Standard 5.0), and to create the new ‘Project Incubator Hub’ - a system supporting projects on their journey to becoming Plan Vivo certified.

In developing, improving, and scaling up these processes we hope many more smallholders and communities can benefit from Plan Vivo's vision. 

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