Plan Vivo and Rabobank are excited to announce that we will be hosting an interactive webinar. The webinar will launch the public consultation process for the Acorn Framework and Methodology for Small-scale Agroforestry projects.

Our aim is to introduce the Acorn initiative to the wider market, showing how the Acorn approach differs and integrates a remote farmer-level approach. 

The webinar will also provide insight into the Plan Vivo - Acorn partnership, explain what kind of projects are eligible for the Acorn program, and provide a more detailed explanation of the complementary Methodology.
The public consultation will close on the 15th of March. We invite and welcome all constructive comments and feedback once the public consultation launches on the 15th of February.  A full recording of the webinar will also be posted on our website. 
News update 16/02/22: 
The webinar aired on the 15th February. You can access the webinar recording here: Acorn webinar recording.
Discover more about Acorn via the official Acorn website.