This Plan Vivo certified project, run by the FarmStrong Foundation in Ivory Coast, supports cocoa farmers in Soubre and Abengourou. The project helps farmers to become more resilient by transitioning from cultivated land to agroforestry. Recently adopted agroforestry systems offer farmers and their families food security and income diversification, while safeguarding biodiversity, mitigating climate change and indirectly reducing deforestation.

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Farmers helped 

82,599 t  

CO2 captured


Ha land covered


CRUs issued


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The FarmStrong Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in 2016. Although the organization is still young, the founders and employees have broad experience in projects promoting resilient, structured, rural economic development through integrated agricultural production systems. They also have additional experience in securing basic human needs, fundamental human rights, and the protection of the environment.


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