For projects that are currently certified against the V4 standard, they must migrate to the V5 standard at their next verification. This is termed a miration verification and involves the:

  1. Submission of an updated PDD that aligns with the V5 standard prior to the verification site visit. We reccomend that a project starts updating their PDD 12 months before their planned site visit and submits this to Plan Vivo 2 months prior to the site visit if undertaking the macroscale migration verification process, or 4 months prior to the site visit if undertaking a microscale migration verification process.
  2. Review of the PDD against the V5 standard.
  3. Verification of the past verification period against the V4 annual reports from that period.
  4. Assessment of whether the project area aligns with the PDD and V5 standard during the site visit.

For more information please see the procedures manual.