Typically, the Plan Vivo Carbon Standard (PV Climate) has been specifically designed for use on land that is owned by or subject to user rights of smallholders or communities. Land not under this ownership model may be included if it: 

  1. Represents less than a third of the Project Area at all times; 

  1. Was not acquired from smallholders/communities in order to develop the project; 

  1. Bestows clear benefits to the project and communities; and 

  1. Is managed under an executed agreement between the owners/managers and the project participants.


With PV Nature, private or government land may also be considered eligible if: 

  1. The project can provide clarification as to why Local Stakeholders are not able to be Type I Project Participants (see below criterion 5), and detail how it will ensure that the local community will be able to participate and benefit from the project.  

  1. The project identifies a local body that represents the local community to act as a Project Participant, in addition to the other Type II Project Participants (see below criterion 5), with whom the Project Coordinator must also sign an agreement. 

  1. The project can clarify the land tenure and user rights of local communities, Indigenous Peoples, staff and tenants relevant to the project region. 

  1. The project complies with all other PV Nature project requirements.  

There is an exclusion list that details projects that are not eligible under this model, please email [email protected] for more information, or complete the eligibility form.