A registry account is not required for a buyer to purchase PVCs. Instead, a project or reseller can use their own account to retire PVCs on behalf of buyers. Registry accounts are owned by the Plan Vivo Foundation and can be given to organisations over a period of time. Information is provided in the below table about the types of accounts available: 

Account type

How to acquire


Length of access

Project coordinator

Register at least one project under PV Climate


Until the end of its final project period


Sign a reseller agreement and pay the associated fees

Please refer to the costs and fees page

A rolling 1 year contract

Corporate end buyer

Sign a corporate end buyer agreement and pay the associated fees


If you would like a reseller or corporate end buyer account, please contact [email protected] to discuss suitability and have access to the relevant agreement template. Account requests can be submitted on IHS Markit using the customer registration form.