A "Project Coordinator" is the entity that runs the day-to-day management of a project (monitoring, recruitment, reporting to Plan Vivo etc.) and, most often, develops the PV Climate project. Project Coordinators must:

  1. Be an established legal entity that takes responsibility for the project and meeting the requirements of PV Climate for its duration;
  2. Have a strong in-country presence and the respect and experience required to work effectively with local communities and partners;
  3. Be focused and have the organisational capability and an ability to mobilise the necessary resources to develop the project;
  4. Have the capability to negotiate and deal with government, local organisations & institutions, and buyers of ecosystem services; and
  5. Have the ability to mobilise and train participants, implement and monitor project activities, carry out technical functions.

Project Coordinators should also not draw on more than 40 percent of income from the sale of Plan Vivo Certificates for ongoing coordination, administration and monitoring costs, save in exceptional circumstances where justification is provided to the Plan Vivo Foundation and a waiver formally agreed.

It is fairly common for coordination to be divided between an international and an in-country coordinator, with a clear division of roles and responsibilities between the two parties. This does not, however, affect the benefit-sharing requirement, as 60% of the income from the sale of Plan Vivo Certificates must still reach the participants unless otherwise agreed with the Plan Vivo Foundation.