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The Yaeda Valley REDD+ project strengthens land tenure, management capacity and local natural resource management in Hadza hunter-gatherer and Tatoga pastoralist communities in Northern Tanzania, thereby contributing to local and international conservation aims.

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Good Health

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This project works with hunter-gatherer Hadza and pastoralist Tatoga communities in Mongo Wa Mono, Domanga and Yeada Chini villages. By working in conjunction with traditional leaders, elected village governments and a team of community members, Carbon Tanzania (CT) has established a results-based PES system through the sale of ex-post Plan Vivo Certificates (PVCs).

This REDD+ project strengthens land tenure, management capacity and local natural resource management, and diversifies local incomes. Successful avoided deforestation is achieved through a series of interventions including reinforcing the implementation of the approved village land use plan and associated village by-laws, improving forest conservation and management activities and addressing the primary driver of deforestation, shifting agriculture.

The community members are trained to patrol and report any land use change and / or poaching activities which contribute to tackling illegal land intrusion and resulting land conversion at both local and district level.


Mongo wa Mono, Domanga & Yaeda Chini villages (Northern Tanzania)

Operational Since:


Project Coordinator:

Carbon Tanzania

PVCS Issued to date:


Area of Land under Management:

34,073 ha


3 communities

Project Interventions:

Avoided deforestation


2012: Validation
2013: Registration
2018: Verification
2018: Over 100,000 PVCs issued

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February 2019 | The African Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG) completed a study into how forest communities in Tanzania are supporting their economic development through forest based enterprises. The study highlighted the incredible work of the communities within the Yaeda project. Read more

January 2019 | A group of 12 Hadza community scouts, from the Yaeda Valley, arrived at the Pasiansi Ranger Training School in Mwanza for a 3 month long course designed to enhance their skills in managing and protecting their forest homes. In a few weeks time, they will also be joined by Carbon Tanzania's operations team to observe some of the skills that these scouts are developing.

February 2019 | Carbon Tanzania has just collected their first year's CyberTracker data from their Yaeda scouts. This software will help monitor wildlife by providing GPS locations of their sightings. Some communities have even used the software to help resolve land-use disputes. More information about CyberTracker is available here

October 2018 | Many people in the Yaeda Valley suffer with severe eye conditions with no access to screening or treatments. Recently, the Manyara Regional Referral Hospital conducted an outreach visit to the region and saw 210 patients with a range of eye conditions, from cataracts to glaucoma, conjunctivitis and vitamin eye disease. This was supported by the community funding raised through the Yaeda Valley project.