The Secretariat oversees the day-to-day activities and decisions at Plan Vivo. They are the key point of contact for any prospective projects, current projects, or individuals with an interest in the standard.

Board of Trustees

All amendments to the Standards must be approved by the Plan Vivo Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Their expertise includes forest ecology, conservation, environmental management, international development, business administration, finance, climate change, environmental sustainability, bio-energy and project management. On average, the Board of Trustees meets between six and eight times annually.

Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) works closely with the Foundation to support the approval of technical specifications and provide guidance on technical matters. Specific functions of the Technical Advisory Committee are to:

  • Peer review technical documents from existing and potential Plan Vivo projects
  • Provide recommendations on technical aspects in the Plan Vivo Standard and how they should be applied
  • Contribute to the development of tools and methodologies to support Plan Vivo projects

Technical Advisory Group

The Plan Vivo Technical Advisory Group (TAG) provides independent advice to the Foundation on scientific and technical aspects of the Standard and projects. The Group is composed of experts in community-based natural resource management, the development of rural livelihood programmes, and ecosystem services quantification and monitoring. The specific function of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is to peer-review and approve technical documents from existing and prospective Plan Vivo projects. Download a list of the current Technical Advisory Group Members