On Thursday the 28th of October Plan Vivo held a webinar to launch the public consultation process for our Standard Update 5.0. The webinar presented the key features of the proposed update, focusing on specific areas that have changed from the current version.
At the heart of the update, and in line with best practice in the VCM, lies an ambition to add clarity and structure to certain elements of what we do (for example the management of different unit types) while at the same time maintaining our commitment to remain a supportive and accessible route to the VCM for small holder and community led projects.

The current proposed version of the Standard has been the product of internal working groups (over the last 12 months) and consultations with representatives from key stakeholders (including project and market representatives) via a Technical Steering Group, over the last 6 months.




Webinar speakers: 


Keith Bohannon, CEO of Plan Vivo Foundation

Keith Bohannon Plan Vivo



Eva Schoof, Programmes Manager at Plan Vivo Foundation

Eva Schoof Plan Vivo



 Nick Berry, Chair of the Plan Vivo Technical Advisory Committee

Nichola Berry Plan Vivo



More information on the standard update, the documents that were available for public consultation (which is now closed), and the key changes to procedures, are available via the below links:


 Standard Update Overview  New Documents  Key procedural Changes     


We welcomed all constructive comments and feedback during the public consultation process, which closed on the 30th of November 2021