Trees for Global Benefits (TGB) is a cooperative carbon offsetting scheme which combines community-led activities to increase carbon sequestration with performance-based payments for farmers.

Trees for Global Benefits is designed as a cooperative community–based carbon offset scheme with livelihood components emphasising sustainable land-use practices.


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The project operates as a market-based solution that reduces unsustainable exploitation of forest resources and the decline of ecosystem quality, while diversifying and increasing incomes for rural farmers and their families.

TGB combines carbon sequestration with rural livelihood improvements through small-scale, farmer-led, agroforestry projects and ecosystem services by linking rural farmers to the international ecosystem service markets. The TGB scheme operates as a Programme of Activities (PoA), to enable scaling up through the design of new activities and the recruitment of new farming communities.

In addition to farmers’ direct payments for planting trees and climate mitigation, the project contributes to income stability, food security, and fuel security at community level.


Albertine Rift & Mt Elgon regions (Uganda)

Operational Since:


Project Coordinator:


PVCs Issued to date:


Area of Land under Management:

6512.19 ha



Project Interventions:

  • Afforestation
  • Agroforestry
  • Reforestation
  • Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EBA)

2002: Registration
2009: Validation
2012: Over half a million PVCs issued
2013: First Verification
2013: Won UN SEED Award
2016: Over 1 million PVCs issued
2019: Second Verification

Coordinator Details:

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May 2019 |
COTAP has recently completed an interview with Winfred Musimenta, the head teacher at the Rumuri Primary School. The school has been enrolled in the TGB project since 2011. A mother of five who’s been with the school since 2014, Winfred discusses how the school got introduced to TGB, the types of trees which have been planted, and the benefits which they provide. Watch the full interview

January 2019 |
COTAP founder Tim Whitley has completed a three-part interview with Ecotrust’s Pauline Nantongo about Trees for Global Benefits. They discuss a range of topics about the project, from its successes to issues of fire risks and additionally. Watch the full interview

April 2019 |
Since January, ECOTRUST staff have undergone a number of trainings to enhance the organization’s capacity for long-term sustainability. To learn more about their training, and other latest developments, please read the project’s latest newsletter.

December 2018 |
Using their experience from the TGB project, The Ecotrust team, led a participatory learning session on ‘Building Resilience of Landscapes, Businesses and People to Climate Change’ at the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn. Read more