When a project becomes registered with Plan Vivo, it is then considered Plan Vivo-certified and can generate Plan Vivo Certificates (Plan Vivo's carbon credits). The sale of Plan Vivo Certificates by the project can then help fund operational costs, expansion costs and pay the particpants their fair and equitable share of income. However, becoming Plan Vivo-certified takes dedication and resources to achieve, and not all prospective projects will be eligable. To understand whether Plan Vivo-certification is suitable for your project, please see the following sections:


1. Eligibility criteria

The Plan Vivo Standard sets the requirements that projects must meet to become certified. Does your project meet these criteria?



2. Registration process

Understand the road to registration and what the first steps are.



3. Costs & fees

Understand the costs involved in registration and ongoing project certification.



4. Estimating climate benefits

To generate Plan Vivo Certificates, a project must outline how it will estimate levels of CO2 removals or reductions. Here we provide some advice on how this can be achieved.