Meet our farmers: Sekanakoni Sikaliyoti, Malawi

Name: Sekanakoni Sikaliyoti

Community: Dzoole

District: Dowa

Country: Malawi


Year Planted (Vintage): 2010

Activity Type: Woodlot and Boundary Planting

Trees Planted: 4 hectares and 22 x 100m sections

Carbon Benefit: 780 tCO2

Earnings to Date: $449

Expected Earnings: $3,432


Sekanakoni Sikaliyoti is from Dzoole, Dowa, Malawi. Sekanakoni joined Trees of Hope in 2008, as he was struggling to feed his 11 family members each year. Through integrating woodlots and boundary planting into his land, Sekanakoni has been able to improve not only his income, through the sale of both carbon credits and products from his trees, but also his surrounding environment.

Mr. Sikaliyoti sold his first group of carbon credits in 2013, generating $449. The funds were deposited into a First Merchant bank account and put towards the purchase of a solar panel for his roof, a bicycle, and school fees and uniforms for his children. He uses the solar panel to generate extra income through charging other people’s cell phones. The panel has also allowed Mr. Sikaliyoti to install light bulbs for his children and grandchildren to study at night.

In 2010, former US President, Bill Clinton, visited Mr. Sikaliyoti’s fields, further inspiring him to continue expanding upon his agroforestry work and taking care of his trees.

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