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The Nakau Programme is a landscape-level programme in the Pacific Islands which uses ‘Payments for Ecosystem Services’ (PES) for community-based rainforest & mangrove protection.

The Nakau Programme aims to reduce the vulnerability of indigenous communities to climate change and natural disasters by enabling indigenous landowners to generate carbon and conservation credits as a way to deliver sustainable economic and social development.

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The Nakau Programme is a landscape-level approach that focuses on community-based forest conservation and sustainable development. The Pacific Islands are especially exposed to extreme weather events, such as cyclones and droughts, yet rainforests are under constant threat from commercial logging. By providing a financing mechanism that covers the costs of environmental management activities and addresses landowners' opportunity costs where relevant, the programme incentivises local forest protection and empowers communities to take on a stewardship role.

The Nakau Programme was developed jointly by Ekos and Live & Learn International and built on the principles of Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC), equitable benefit-sharing, biodiversity protection and livelihoods development.


Pacific Islands (Asia)

Operational Since:


Project Coordinator:

Live & Learn, Natural Resources Development Foundation (NRDF)

PVCs Issued to date:


Area of Land under Management:

Drawa (Fiji): 1,549 ha
Loru (Vanuatu): 166 ha
Sasaboe (Solomon Islands): 2,407 ha

Community Groups Involved:

Loru (Vanuatu): 1
Drawa (Fiji): 9
Sasaboe (Solomon Islands): 2

Project interventions:

  • REDD+
  • Improved Forest Management
  • Agroforestry
Coordinator Details:

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Further Programme Details:

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Projects under the Nakau Programme

Loru, Vanuatu

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Drawa, Fiji

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Sasaboe, Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands