Plan Vivo Standard



Plan Vivo Guidance and Procedures

Plan Vivo Procedures Manual

The Plan Vivo Procedures Manual provides an overview of aspects of running a Plan Vivo project, including project design, project validation, risk buffer management.

Plan Vivo Guidance Manual

The Plan Vivo Guidance Manual provides information on designing and implementing Payments for Ecosystem Services Programmes (PES) with rural communities.

Plan Vivo Socio-economic Manual

The Plan Vivo Socio-economic Assessment Manual gives useful information on socio-economic monitoring and mitigation strategies.

Reducing Locally Driven Deforestation Guidance

The Plan Vivo Guidance on Reducing locally driven deforestation offers useful tools and insights on estimating climate benefits for forest conservation projects tackling locally driven deforestation.

Other Plan Vivo Resources

Project Idea Note (PIN) Template

Download a copy of the latest Plan Vivo PIN (Project Idea Note) template.

Project Design Document (PDD) Template

Download a copy of the latest Project Design Document (PDD) Template.

Resources in Bahasa Indonesia

Manual Prosedur

Unduh salinan Manual Prosedur dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

Manual Panduan Plan Vivo

Unduh salinan terbaru Manual Panduan Plan Vivo dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

Standar Plan Vivo

Unduh salinan Standar Plan Vivo (versi 2013) dalam Bahasa Indonesia.