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The Rimbak Pakai Pengidup project, coordinated by PRCF, supports the Nanga Lauk community in protecting 1,450 ha of village forest which is a mix of peat swamp and riverine forest. Within Nanga Lauk Village Land there is also a further 9,196 ha for which the community hope to obtain management rights.

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Nanga Lauk is a village in Kapuas Hulu District, West Kalimantan. Surrounding the village are 10,000 ha of riparian and peat swamp rainforest which are under threat from logging and mining companies. The Nanga Lauk community have secured management rights for a Village Forest with an area of 1,430 hectares, with the hope to extend into further 9,196 ha for which the community hope to obtain management rights.

Forest in Nanga Lauk is a mixture of peat swamp and riverine forest, that is used by the Nanga Lauk community for fishing, honey production, and harvest of timber to construct their houses. With the support of the local NGO PRCF-Indonesia and a team of national and international experts, the Rimbak Pakai Pengidup (Forests for Life) project designed a suite of activities to secure and extend the legal right of the community to manage and benefit from their Village Forest, enabling them to prevent the deforestation and forest degradation that would result if the area is not effectively protected.

These activities include: ƒ Extending the coverage of their Village Forest to include areas currently allocated as timber concession; Developing and enforcing village regulations to prevent unsustainable use of forest resources; Carrying out regular forest patrols; and ƒ Developing livelihood activities that enable the community to maximize their income from sustainable use of the forest.


Kapuas Hulu (West Kalimantan)

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1,430 ha


1 village community
195 households

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  • REDD+

2017: PDD accepted
2017: Validation
2019: Registration

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