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The Hiniduma Bio-Link Project aims to conserve Sri Lanka’s last remaining rainforests, whilst addressing the pressing issues of rural poverty and climate change in a developing country.

In addition to creating new employment opportunities and increased revenues for smallholders, the project delivers new jobs directly linked to the project, as well as ecosystem services, such as improved water, soil, and air quality.

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The ‘Hiniduma Bio-Link’ is a project by the Carbon Consulting Company to establish a biodiversity corridor between two large remnant, vastly disturbed rainforest patches – Singharaja (UNESCO World Heritage Site) & Kanneliya (International Man and Biosphere Reserve), and to conserve buffer zones around the forest edges through reforestation.

The primary aim of this project is to reduce the pressure by local communities in the surrounding areas on the remaining rainforest patches, whilst enhancing the livelihoods of traditional communities living in close proximity to tracts of natural forest where the biodiversity is high, but under imminent threat. The project has been implemented according to Plan Vivo methodologies and has been certified to the Plan Vivo standard since July 2012.

Under this system, farmer-based participatory approaches are provided to smallholders to improve their home gardening reforestation and agroforestry skills. The trees planted include native and endemic rainforest species, as well as fruit and medicinal trees. This allows farmers to generate additional income. Furthermore, the introduction of carefully selected non-native plant species can help improve and support local ecosystem services. The promotion of eco-friendly livelihood options, such as organic farming and analogue forestry, is also a key objective. However, any such change would not disturb their existing livelihood practices.


Galle District (Sri Lanka)

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Project Coordinator:

Carbon Consulting Company

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Area of Land under Management:

18.8 ha



Project Interventions:

  • Reforestation

2012: Registration
2012: Validation

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January 2019 |  The Carbon Consulting Company has organised the "Asian Tree of the Year" competition to find unique trees with amazing stories. Submit your tree here

December 2018 | Lakmini Senadheera, Senior Consultant at the Carbon Consulting Company, completed a talk at the 'A community on Ecosystem services' (ACES) conference in Washington. She talked about the Hiniduma project, including the project's co-benefits and how it aligned with the SDGs. View the photos

January 2019 | The Carbon Consulting Company recently held their Stakeholder workshop. At this event, stakeholders such as the World Bank and Climate Secretariat of Sri Lanka, and many industry leaders were informed of the conservation work completed by the company. View the photos

December 2016 | Farmer training sessions have recently been completed. These aimed to generate awareness of the project's importance and how it can benefit the community. Session 1 of the event focused on improving knowledge about plant budding, its application and plant nursery management. Session 2 placed addressed beekeeping and improving skills for self-employment to generate income for these communities. Read more