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Emiti Nibwo Bulora a climate change mitigation project that enables small-scale farmers in the Kagera region in western Tanzania to improve their land management methods through tree planting, by giving them access to carbon revenue streams through the adoption of sustainable agroforestry techniques

The Emiti Nibwo Bulora project directly involves small-scale farmers from the Kagera region in western Tanzania in the mitigation of climate change, whilst delivering livelihood benefits to communities.

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The project is an Afforestation/Reforestation (A/R) project which trains farmers in sustainable land use management techniques that result in carbon sequestration and deliver economic and social benefits.

After community-led project design, farmers benefit from capacity-building and enhanced skills in sustainable resource management. Through Plan Vivo certification, farmers are able to access carbon payments to enable them to cover costs at farm and household level. These payments for ecosystem service do not only contribute to immediate biodiversity and ecosystems benefits, but also have knock-on effects regarding poverty reduction and capacity development


Kagera region (Tanzania)

Operational Since:


Project Coordinator:

Vi Agroforestry

PVCs Issued to date:


Area of Land under Management:

378  ha

Length of Boundary Planting under Management:




Project Interventions:

  • Agroforestry
  • Assisted Regeneration
  • Reforestation

2010: Registration

2010: Validation

2012: Over 50,000 PVCs issued

Coordinator Details:

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November 2018 | Vi Agroforestry has just completed their symposium in Tanzania. The event highlighted the support of the locals for the regional conservation projects, and allowed them to showcase their agroforestry products. The symposium was attended by the Swedish Ambassador in Tanzania, the Regional Commissioner at Mara Region, and many great farmers. View the photos

January 2017 | A decision has been taken to recruit a new group of farmers into the project! It is predicted that they will collectively plant trees to sequester approximately 23,000 tonnes of CO2e. This is great news for the expansion of the project. Read more

October 2018 | Vi Agroforestry shared their experiences from projects in Tanzania at the FAO's CSF45. Wangu Mutua, deputy Regional director for Vi Agroforestry, stated that "Eco-conscious companies can easily buy carbon credits. But instead of taking a shortcut, some companies decide to join the Livelihoods Funds. Their money will take a longer route by paying for the work we (Vi Agroforestry) do with local communities and their businesses. The monitoring will allow the tracking of carbon sequestration and the company will still end up getting carbon credits, but because of the longer route the company will have made a positive impact along the way."

April 2017 | 21 producer groups were recently facilitated on bee keeping; helping them obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills relevant for project establishment and management. Members developed plans to start the project with four beehives, both traditional and modern. Read more.