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The Drawa Rainforest Carbon Project, managed by the Nakau Programme, protects 4,120 ha of tropical rainforest in Vanua Levu, Fiji.

This project is owned by the indigenous Fjiian landowners at Drawa, Vanua Levu, Fiji. The landowner population of approximately 450 people spread over five villages is represented by the Drawa Block Forest Community Cooperative.

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This ex-post project will generate 18,800 carbon credits annually. The forest provides habitat for the endangered Fiji Ground Frog (Platymantis vitiana), and several other endemic plant and animal species. The Drawa rainforest also provides valuable protection from cyclones, floods and droughts for the Drawa local people and those living downstream in their catchment. The land is owned by 8 Fijian clans.

These landowners have given up rights to logging timber in exchange for the opportunity to sell rainforest carbon offsets as a way of generating revenue for local economic development. This project also provides governance and management support and capacity building for community enterprise at Drawa. This is to help the Drawa landowners manage the rainforest conservation project and develop spin-off community businesses - the first of which is a community business producing and selling rainforest honey.


Vanua Levu (Fiji)

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Live & Learn Fiji, Nakau

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1,549 ha



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  • REDD+

2015: Validation
2015: Verification
2018: Registration

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November 2018 | The Nakau project in Fiji took part in a women-led reforestation workshop in the Nadroumai Village. In addition to conserving the environment, these forms of workshops improve local educations (SDG4) and gender equality (SDG5). This workshop was completed in association with the Southern Cross University, Firewheel Nursery, Envite, ACIAR and the Nadroumai Women’s Club. View the photos

May 2018 | On the 10th of May, eight Fijian clans (mataqalis) gathered with Fijian dignitaries to celebrate the country’s first sale of rainforest carbon offsets from the project. Read more or view the photos

October 2018 | Having protected their rainforest under the Nakau Programme, the Drawa Landowner Cooperative have taken up beekeeping and are now reaping the benefits. They have already harvested over $15k worth of honey. Read more

May 2017 | Thomas from Opus Bilprovning (an environmentally responsible Swedish business partner) took part in the traditional Sevu Sevu ceremony while visiting the Nakau Drawa forest carbon project in Fiji. Custom practices remain incredibly important to the people of Drawa and are respected through the projects! Watch the video