Markit Registry

Plan Vivo Certificates are issued, tracked and retired through the Markit Environmental Registry.

The Registry enables buyers to both view and manage their environmental credits, and ensures against double-selling by giving each credit a unique serial number.

The Markit Plan Vivo Registry:

  • Lists Plan Vivo projects and documents
  • Facilitates Plan Vivo Certificate issuance
  • Enables the easy and transparent transfer and retirement of Plan Vivo Certificates


Click here to view the registry.

For information on how to manage your Plan Vivo Certificates in the Registry, download the Markit Registry User Guide.

Supporting innovative projects through purchasing Plan Vivo Certificates is a meaningful way to compensate for unavoidable environmental impacts, in particular those produced through core business operations, supply chains and travel. Such impacts (and emissions) are often captured via a detailed environmental/carbon footprint. In this case a corresponding number of Certificates are retired via the publicly visible Markit Registry, in the relevant project’s account.

Sustainability agencies, consultancies, or those organisations wishing to partner with specific projects, may want to purchase Plan Vivo Certificates on behalf of individuals and clients and be listed as an official partner. This is subject to agreeing to the Code of Ethical Conduct, and will normally involve opening a specific account in the Registry (Join the registry). Please contact the Foundation to discuss further details.