Partner Organisations

The Plan Vivo Foundation is part of a network of prestigious and internationally recognised partners including NGOs, non-profit organisations and research institutions. Their work and constant support have been central to the success of many of the Foundation’s projects.

Research Institutions:

University of EdinburghThe University of Edinburgh – one of the leading research institutions in the UK, the Plan Vivo Foundation has had a longstanding collaboration with the University of Edinburgh. Plan Vivo and the University are currently exploring how to use SHAMBA for the benefits of existing and pipeline projects.



IIED LogoInternational Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) is one of the world’s most influential international development and environment policy research organisations. Iied contributes to many international policy frameworks including the IPCC, the UN conventions on climate change and biological diversity. Plan Vivo and iied have collaborated on several research projects including co-benefits and ‘Guidelines and lessons from smallholder and community carbon projects’.


Partner Organisations:

BioClimate LogoBioClimate– focusing on rural communities, BioClimate seeks to address the needs of local populations through new approaches to natural resource management and enterprise development. The organisation has provided Plan Vivo with unparalleled technical support for many years.


Pur ProjetPurProjet – a collective structure that helps companies incorporate climate issues into their business and supply chain mainly through the regeneration and preservation of ecosystems (agroforestry, reforestation and forest conservation). Pur Projet and Plan Vivo are collaborating on the exciting new concept of Insetting.


Uganda Carbon BureauUganda Carbon Bureau – provides support to project developers, carbon credit buyers, development agencies, financiers and the public with all the aspects of project funding and carbon asset development in the voluntary and compliance carbon markets. Among other things, the Bureau and Plan Vivo jointly attended the Carbon Expo in Barcelona in May 2015.