Brief Description

Native is a US based Public Benefit Corporation that develops custom projects specific to an organisation's unique sustainability requirements. Native work closely to structure a unique project that meets an organisation's requirements and those of the host community.

At the core of Native's work are their 'Help Build' projects. Help Build projects deliver unique brand synergies along with carbon reductions, safe water, clean air, ecosystem restoration, soil health, smallholder farmer development, wildlife and habitat protection, carbon sequestration, and more.

Many carbon offsets are sold year-by-year by projects already operating. This approach has weaknesses, as lots of smaller, community-based projects are unable to initially function if they have to wait for annual offset revenues. With Help Build carbon offsets, Native customers purchase a project’s long-term carbon reductions upfront. This provides critical financing, enables project construction and helps fix a market issue that is preventing the development of many high-quality community-based projects. 


Projects they often have credits for

Yaeda-Eyasi Landscape REDD Project



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