Revised Fee Structure: Important Changes

We’re making some changes to the fees charged by the Plan Vivo Foundation (PVF) for core services. These changes will apply from 1st May 2017.

A fairer fee structure for all

Our fees for reviewing project documentation (PIN, PDD, TS, Validation, Verification, Updates) are increasing slightly to better reflect the costs and work implicit in performing such reviews. Notably, a registration fee will now be charged upon coordination of the validation visit, typically after approval of the Project Design Document (PDD). This registration fee will vary slightly in each case, but will be set according to predicted annual issuance volume and capped at a maximum of $4,000 (equivalent to issuance fees for 10,000 PVCs).

Importantly, the registration fee counts as a credit against the first issuance fees, and will thus have no net financial impact on projects that proceed to implementation. In exceptional cases, such as with grass roots organisations with limited resources, this fee may be waived by PVF, subject to a clear business plan being in place. The table below shows the new fee structure, effective 1st May 2017.

Please read our full communication on revised fees here or refer to our page on costs.

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