July 2012 | First Plan Vivo project registered in Asia (with more to come soon)

First Plan Vivo project registered under the Plan Vivo Standard in Asiaa

Supporting tea smallholders with native species reforestation in Sri Lanka

25th July 2012

The first project in Asia to complete a Plan Vivo validation has been registered, in Sri Lanka. Developed by the Conservation Carbon Company and Rainforest Rescue International, the Hiniduma Biolink Project aims to create a biodiversity corridor between two rainforest patches in Galle district.

The project works with smalholder farmers, mainly tea farmers, in an ambitious reforestation programme using over 90 different tree species. It has already piloted systems with an initial group of 15 farmers and will scale up gradually over the project lifetime, aiming to eventually reforest and restore over 2000ha of deforested and degraded land between World Heritage forest sites at Singharaja and Kanneliya.

For more information visit the project page.

Further Plan Vivo validations are also underway in India and Nepal. We are delighted to see the Plan Vivo network developing in Asia and hope experiences generated in these new projects will support the development of more grassroots community climate action over the coming years.




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