COVID-19 Update

Plan Vivo Secretariat:

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Edinburgh, 7th April 2020

In these challenging times, with citizens' lives being restricted like never before and governments forced to directly intervene in the economy, a few green shoots have emerged in Europe this week that may usher in a period of optimism that the spread of Coronavirus can be halted.

Nevertheless, the world's most vulnerable, including the subsistence farmers and natural resource-dependent communities who we and our stakeholders engage with daily, may not enjoy the same levels of social protection and should remain paramount in our minds.

At the Plan Vivo Foundation, we wanted to reiterate our commitment to a healthy, sustainable future, with equitable, inclusive solutions that put people at the heart of natural resource and land use initiatives. We also strive to accelerate support to alleviate poverty and drive climate resilience at a time like no other in recent memory.

The Plan Vivo Secretariat will be reviewing its guidance in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Planting, monitoring, audits, and reporting cycles are likely to be impacted to varying degrees through 2020, due to limited mobility on the ground and reduced operational capacity in various countries. We will endeavour to adapt to this reality and look for ways to reduce any impacts where possible.

We will continue to communicate directly with all key project coordinator and validation & verification organisations, and of course remain available via the usual channels to answer any related questions.

The issues of rural poverty and climate justice have not gone away and we hope, as long-time supporters of our mission, you will find ways to continue to champion these causes as you prioritise those closest and most dearest to you. We would like to take the opportunity to thank you once again for your immense generosity and support over the years and wish you the very best during this unprecedented period. We will do our best to emerge stronger, humbler and even more enthused to tackle the climate crisis.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Plan Vivo Secretariat



About Plan Vivo

The Plan Vivo Foundation is an international, Edinburgh-based charity, responsible for administering the Plan Vivo Standard. The Plan Vivo Foundation has created a set of requirements for smallholder farmers and rural communities wishing to manage their land and natural resources more sustainably. For further information, please contact the Foundation Secretariat.

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