Building bridges between business leaders in Mexico City and rural development in Chiapas

In June, Marco Lara, Carbon Offsets Sales Manager of Scolel’te, joined an important event on Corporate Social Responsibility, held in Mexico City.

During the three days the series of meetings and conferences took place, it was possible to communicate the work carried out since 1997 by using the Plan Vivo methodology with the objective to cope with climate change and diversify the sources of income for more than 1,000 families in several rural communities throughout Chiapas, Mexico.

The event demonstrated that a higher number of business in Mexico are concerned about the importance of supporting community-based initiatives, like ours, because of the social benefits provided to the people involved.

During the event, sponsored by the Mexican Ministry of Environment and GIZ, it was possible to talk about reopening a cycle of visits to the communities registered in our program, by inviting individuals and organizations that have offset their carbon footprint thanks to Pronatura. Pronatura, a Mexican NGO, is a key actor in attracting more people and organizations to become carbon neutral by helping efforts to replant or manage forests in Chiapas and other places in Mexico.

In addition, this event, called Expo Sector Verde, has helped Scolel’te to have a greater understanding of needs of those who pay for products or services that contribute to sustainable development. Ambio are working right now to improve our participation in different commercial spaces which will inform a strategy to strengthen the Scolel’te project.

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