18-22 Nov 2012 | Plan Vivo at Global Soil Week, Berlin

First Global Soil Week 2012

Berlin 18-22 Nov 2012

The Plan Vivo Foundation is participating in the first Global Soil Week.

Soils are fundamental pillars of sustainable development. They are essential for food security and provide ecosystem services including carbon storage. Even though soils are managed and owned locally, their degradation is a key global issue, as their functions transcend national boundaries. We urgently need to upscale sustainable soil management.

The First Global Soil Week offers a forum of interactive exchange and dialogue. Stakeholders from science, government, business and civil society will come together to share their land and soil-related experience and expertise, and to develop future plans of action for sustainable land/soil management and governance.

The Plan Vivo Foundation is presenting in the session: “Markets for Soil Organic Carbon: A Feasible Policy Solution for Smallholders?” on Wednesday 21st November.

For more information including registration and programme info visit the First Global Soil Week website.


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