Plan Vivo has partnered with a variety of organisations to drive research into themes that advance and improve smallholder land-use projects in rural communities. An overview of themes that Plan Vivo is researching can be found here.

Past and Current Partner Organisations include:

  • Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

    Calouste Gulbenkian has supported Plan Vivo with its research into insetting, funding an event to publicise results and findings.(partnership end: December 2014)

  • Margaret Hayman Foundation

    The Margaret Hayman Foundation has supported Plan Vivo in its development of crucial communication channels and materials that have improved Plan Vivo’s online presence

  • Waterloo Foundation

    The Waterloo Foundation has supported Plan Vivo’s project ‘Building pro-poor, community-based forest conservation tools’ which resulted in the publications of various policy briefs, institutional development and stakeholder engagement.

  • ESPA

    Plan Vivo and ESPA are currently collaborating on the project ‘Streamlining Monitoring in Smallholder and Community PES Projects (SMS-PES)’, examining the key factors for that impact on the success of smallholder PES projects. The project’s research results were summarised in the paper Rethinking Monitoring in Smallholder Carbon Payment for Ecosystem Service Schemes: Devolve Monitoring, Understand Accuracy and Identify Co-benefits


    SHAMBA is a joint project by CCAFS, the University of Edinburgh and Plan Vivo to develop and test the “Smallholder Agriculture Monitoring and Baseline Assessment Tool” to develop a greenhouse gas accounting approach for Climate Smart Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa that is accessible to non-specialists and is applicable across a broad range of environmental conditions and land use interventions.